Highlights of trip to Rome

1 Villa Borguese – breathtaking collection of Bernini sculptures and famous paintings set in a beautifully decorated house. Advanced booking necessary and a little out of the way, but well worth the effort. Highlights include Bernini's Apollo and Daphne, and Rape of Proserpine.

2 Sistine chapel and Vatican Museums – Much more visually stunning than the Vatican itself. We were not expecting much and were just blown away by the huge variety and volume of the collection – puts Versailles to shame.

3 – Castel Sant' Angelo – following the Angels and Demon's trail, this huge fort was stunning inside and out. JP very excited in finding that the passageway between the Castel and the Vatican actually exists!

4 – Colusseum – Take the audioguide to get the full story and experience. Avoid the dodgy fake 'gladiators' touting for photos outside!

5 – The Vatican – at least it is free! Avoid the small museum inside the Vatican unless you have a thing for small relics of saints, bits of old bone in gold boxes, and endless monstronses. Again, the audiogude is essential.



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